Thursday, December 4, 2014

December 4th -- Construction Cone 2 ('tis almost fairy time)

Today's December Countdown construction cone painting is a little off-kilter.  Maybe just a smidge mischievous.  Between the sense of off-balance and the more twilight colors (oh and maybe a bit hint of golden fairy dust), I was reminded of Mid-Summer's Night Dream (why construction cones would ever bring up Shakespeare, I don't know, but where the mind goes, it goes.)  So I subtitled this one tis almost fairy time.  You can see from whence the quote came beneath the pictures (and the buy now button which I would love if you click before proceeding to the passage :-).

Construction Cone 2 (Tis almost fairy time)
4" x 4"
oil on board
this is a side view -- these paintings are mounted to a 5" x 5" white frame.
The iron tongue of midnight hath told twelve:
Lovers, to bed; 'tis almost fairy time.
 I fear we shall out-sleep the coming morn
As much as we this night have overwatch'd.
This palpable-gross play hath well beguiled
The heavy gait of night. Sweet friends, to bed.
A fortnight hold we this solemnity,
In nightly revels and new jollity.
Shakespeare, A Midsummer's Night Dream, Act 5, Scene 1

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