Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 16th -- When Agnes invited me for afternoon tea

So Agnes Martin wasn't much un my radar until a walk through the Albright Knox just a couple years ago.  The painting, called The Tree,  is all white acrylic with a very lightly drawn graphite grid.  She was highly meticulous and the work was time consuming.  She said she made the work in a meditative state and that one should feel like they do when looking at the ocean.  Tea is a very calming force in my life (especially chai), so I decided to have tea with Agnes Martin.  The painting I used as inspiration is below; the colors in Martin's work are definitely more subdued and subtle than mine (although I did spend a good deal of time meticulously removing pigment from each line.) 

This painting is title, "When Agnes invited me for afternoon tea."

When Agnes invited me for afternoon tea
4" x 4"
oil on board
mounted on white 5" x 5" frame
$55.00 (+tax and shipping)
Below please see Agnes Martin's painting Untitled #9 from 1999.


  1. Your tea painting appeared in a friend's FB post. From that I found my way here. Your December paintings, this one included, are all full of life, convey a sense of energy and I love your use of reflected light. So happy to see you have so many "sold" signs. Very surprising that you don't have tons of comments. Each piece deserves discussion.

  2. I don’t know why, but I have always loved paintings of single objects, such as teapots. Something about it so creative and quirky, oddly enough. Really love this art!

    New York Abstract Artist