Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15th -- A New Theme!

I'm sad that the week of vintage items with blueprints has ended!  Ah, but so excited that a new theme has started.  I'm calling it "Downtime with Geniuses."  (***Project and Purchasing Note Below.) 

Ok, so not straight forward like construction cones or "vintagy, blueprinty" paintings... but a theme I'm excited about.  I have a pretty intense love of all things art that goes back to my introduction to it in high school (we won't talk about the very limited nature of my grammar school;  I am proud to say I can diagram a sentence like nobody's business through.)  These next little paintings draw their inspiration from the fact that there is a myriad of artworks, literature, movies, and music running through my head and colliding into each other nonstop, no matter what else I seem to be doing. 

So without further ado... on with the show.  This is called, "Josef and I needed a cupcake break."  Josef Albers was my first favorite abstract painter (I hadn't yet met Diebenkorn.)  To boil it down to it's barest minimum, the work uses nested squares to attempt to understand how one color affects and interacts with another color.  And the cupcake --well, let's just say, I really wanted a cupcake after all this daily painting.  I used the idea of painting a cupcake to justify buying a cupcake, and then I certainly didn't want to waste said cupcake and proceed to gobbled it up.  Ok, so there was more ado.  Here's the painting.

Josef and I needed a cupcake break
4" x 4" oil on gessoed hardboard
mounted to white 5" x 5" frame


*****Daily December Painting Project:  Everyday from December 1st to the 22nd, I will be presenting a new 4" x 4" oil painting on board for sale. I will update at a consistent each day. There will be a theme for each week. The cost for each painting is only $55; each work is mounted on a 5" x 5" white wooden frame. I don't make prints of my work, so this is a great opportunity to own an original for less than 1/2 of what I would normally charge.  All those who purchase a painting the day it "goes live" are entered to win a surprise 4" x 4" oil painting on December 23rd. Merry Christmas!! If you purchase a painting after December 14th, please, please put a note in the paypal box if you need it before the holidays.  These paintings are being created only 1-2 days of them going "live," they need time to dry and to be varnished.  I will make every effort to get it to you before the 25th, but will certainly let you know if I don't think it is possible.
Here is a silent video of Josef Albers teaching at Yale.  He has great enthusiasm!

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