Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December 23rd -- Soon Bells Will Be Ringing

Here is my Christmas give away! Thank you to everyone who spent time looking at the last 22 paintings, who read the blogs, who played along on FB (liking and leaving comments -- you all rock!)  and to all those who were able to purchase a painting!  It was really scary each morning to put a painting out to the world and really exhilarating to see them snatched up.

I went with an antique alarm clock for this painting -- it seemed fitting.  It can signal the end of something, but also the beginning of a new day full of brilliant unexpected moments and the comfort of things familiar.  I also loved that I could work some Christmas into the title. 

I will post one more painting tomorrow, then I hope to see everyone at the opening of my 3-artist exhibit at Studio Hart in Buffalo on January 9th!!

Again -- thank you.  The winner of this little painting is announced by two little Christmas elves  in the video below!

Here's the painting: "Soon Bells Will Be Ringing"

Soon the Bells Will Be Ringing
4" x 4" oil on hardboard
mounted to 5" x 5" white frame
A Christmas Giveaway!  Thank You!!!!!!


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